Tuesday, 13 December 2011

6 more free actions to earning money online

If you read my previous document you will know that the goal of these articles is to teach you tips on how to get began working from home without having to spend any income.

This is the second in the series and now we deal with having your own website. There are endless techniques of earning income once you have visitors, and your website site will get you visitors. The income we will be looking at today will come from The google Google ad sense.

There are multiple benefits to having a website including the low price (or no cost), the resources that will help you get visitors to your website site and the truth that you can offer your website site as an RSS feast. An RSS feast will allow viewers to instantly receive your improvements into their RSS readers.

Let's get began with our 6 steps.

1. Set up your website site. You will need to choose what you are going to website about. You should pick a theme and name your website site properly.

There are a amount of totally totally free tips on how to set up a website & to have it put for totally totally free. We will go with Writer.com for our first website.

Blogger will allow you to set up a website for totally totally free they will coordinator it for totally totally free and they will titled ping google when you bring up to date, meaning you will get spidered & found.

Visit blogger.com & press the option on the home web page branded 'create your website site now' then follow the tutorials that Writer offer.

Some key settings you will want to get right are:

I) 'Host your website site at Blogger' = Yes
II) 'Add your website site to our listings' = Yes
III) 'Ping Sites.com' = Yes
IV) 'Publish Site Feed' = Yes

2. Create some articles. Before we move any further there has to be some information on the website & that indicates that you have to create some items. You can publish some of these items yourself & some can be quotes from sites of attention to people that you can post using the The google Plugin.

You can download the The google toolbar for totally totally free at toolbar.google.com. The toolbar includes a Writer option. When you check out a website that has something of attention to your viewers you can highlight the appropriate text & press the Writer option. The articles will then be added to your website site along with a weblink again to the website.

3. Once you have some articles eg a weeks worth of blogging with 1 or 2 items for everyday, you can utilize for an ad sense profile. When you sign in to Writer you will see an invitation to join Google ad sense. Use this weblink and utilize for an profile.

You can discover out all about Google ad sense on the Google ad sense web page but basically you get The google ads on your website & get paid if your guest clicks them.

Google will choose what advertising show on your website using the articles it finds within.

You need to be aware that The google will decline your application if your website is not considered to have articles. Nobody outside of The google knows the precise rules on this.

Once you have been accepted you can get some javascript from The google to add to you website. Copy this & then log in to Writer.

Once you have soaked into your website site you will see that one of the navigation bars across the top of the screen is branded 'Template'. Click this. You will need to know a little bit of HTML to help discover the right location to stick your The google code. But with a little testing you will discover the right place for you. See the resource box at the end of this document for more help.

I would suggest that the ads need to be seen when the website loads but should not be too obvious or control your website.

4. Create some more articles. Try and keep your articles coming at frequent durations as a amount of internet directories will check on your website at frequent durations & the more intelligent ones will check out on a routine depending on your bring up to date routine. They will probably determine this in the hours after you first post to them. Which is what we will do next.

5. Submit your website to Blog & RSS internet directories. Because you are hosting at Writer, Sites.com will already be informed when you bring up to date your website site. (That indicates that when you create a new entry they are instantly notified) You will need to by hand post to the various other internet directories some of which will require a weblink on your website to theirs.

You can add these links to your design below your Writer logo. For a list of internet directories to get you began check out www.themoneyseed.com/rss

6. Keep writing exciting articles. Essentially you want people to come again again and again. As with customers its harder to get a new guest than to keep existing visitors. So create it exciting, the truth is create it so exciting that they can't help but tell all their friends about it also.

As with most totally totally free tips on how to generate income this will make a chance to get going, but if you can build a following you will generate income.